Xfinity Wifi Username and Password Hack 2018 [Working]

Xfinity Hack WiFi Username and Password

Hacking the Wifi Device isn’t a big deal in today’s world. The security goes up the same way the loopholes and flaws can also be found in the devices which are encrypted.
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In general case, If one’s need to access the the wifi without the Username and Password or any credentials we need to Hack their Wifi Device. So that we can use the internet connection from the wifi. To Hack the wifi we use Psiphon Application which runs on the Mobile Devices on Android Platform. So we need to install the psiphon application the device to start Hacking.

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xfinity how to bypass the username and password

Hack Xfinity Wifi Username and Password 2018

WiFi hacking is the most searched term for college students and newbies. Here I will share this trick that will allow you to hack Xfinity WiFi login page or you can bypass WiFi login username password page easily. This trick is 100% working and safe & secure to use. You can hack WiFi password easily with this method.


Note- Before starting, you need to connect your android or windows system to internet to download an application for android or software for windows.

How To Hack WiFi User Login Username and Password using Psiphon App

1. Firstly, download App for android or windows.

2. Install Psiphon3 Application with the above link from Playstore into your Device.

3. Connect your device to WiFi which requires username and password to access (no need to input username or password).

4. Run Psiphon3 Application (you must be connected).

Start the psiphon 3 App

5. It will ask you to “Tunnel Whole Device” or “Psiphon Only”.

6. Select “Tunnel Whole Device”. Click “OK”.
Tunnel Whole Device Phiphone Hack
7. If you are connected to any WiFi already, Psiphon will detect connected WiFi and starts to bypass its privacy and “P” will blink on your notification area.(wait for few seconds only until it connects you).
Log of the Psiphone App8. After successful connection, An icon P will blink in the notification area.


You have now Successfully Hacked Xfinity Wifi Username and Password and can seamlessly Access the internet! Do the process again and again for new devices to access the same portal. You can also Hack the Wifi Devices which are WPA/ Wep / WPA2 Enabled security with the Dumpper and Jumpstart Method.

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