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Free Disposable email address are used to Reduce the spam messages. Not every program and service advertised as “free” may come with a $20 price tag or a meager free trial, but they undoubtedly come at a price: your oh-so-precious email address and trust.

Nowadays, anything and everything you register for — from online forums and shopping sites to services and application downloads — requires you to hand over a valid email address in order access the product or site’s particular set of features. It’s certainly not the most demanding criteria you’re likely to encounter during said registration, but it’s likely the most common and the biggest nuisance of them all once your inbox becomes flooded with an abundance of spam you didn’t intend to receive. I know I’ve certainly received my fair share of peculiar emails while signing up for the hodgepodge of utilities I test on behalf of Digital Trends. Trust me, Viagra is only the beginning.

What are the  Disposable Email Address and why should i use it ?

These are the mails which are not owned by you (or) any one. These emails can reduce spam messages and can be unique. However these are having premium but you can also use it for free. They don’t require any password and you can access it very smoothly.

NOTE: The usernames should be unique as any one can access it!

List of Disposable Email Addresses creators:


Here we are again with 10 Top Disposable Email Addresses

Disposable Email Address is a temporary address providing service but with some good additional features which might come in handy. All the above services just provide a temporary ‘inbox’ for receiving incoming emails, but goes one step ahead and even provides a temporary outbox which can be used to send emails with the same temporary email address. This is really a very handy feature and can be used as a sort of anonymous email with composing as well as receiving facility!

2. Disposable E-mail Address

Disposable Email Address

Mailinator is yet another email address service but with a twist, unlike 10minutemail you don’t need to open the website to create a temporary email address for you, but it has been already created! . Whenever signing-up on websites just type in your email address as “[email protected]” , and once you’ve signed up, simply access your email on . And voila! you’ll find that your e-mail has already arrived! . The only disadvantage of using mailinator is that all email addresses are public and can be accessed by anyone (accidentally if someone else selects the same text you selected). but its very rare. E-Mails are stored for 1 hour before they’re discard.


Disposable E-mail Address

Disposable Email Address

Using a disposable email service doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice the well-known comforts of traditional email. Air Mail is a perfect case in point, a disposable email service that offers several perks often reserved for more comprehensive email clients. The site will auto-generate an email address upon your arrival, as well as begin checking for messages every 10 seconds, but you can always cycle through the email addresses until you find one with a username and domain you prefer. Incoming emails are displayed within the classic interface and accompanied by an alert notification, and you can continually access the inbox by returning to the site using the same browser or your private inbox URL on another machine. The email address will also remain valid as long as you keep your browser window active, only disappearing after 24 hours of inactivity, and Air Mail claims to hide your IP address from the sender to prevent third-party theft of information.


Disposable E-mail Address

10 Minute Mail

Disposable Email Address

Ten minutes isn’t a lot of time, but it’s often more than enough to hand out your Disposable email address to the masses. Ten Minute Mail isn’t swimming with features — it won’t even let you create your own custom address — but it instead revels in simplicity. Once you arrive at the site’s homepage, it will provide you with an auto-generated email address that will expire after 10 minutes unless you opt for an additional 10 minutes using the short link below your given email address. Additionally, there are various inbox settings located at the bottom of the page for viewing messages and a link above your given email address for quickly copying the address to your clipboard. It doesn’t boast a highly-robust interface or tool set, but services for creating throwaway emails rarely need to.


Disposable E-mail Address


Disposable Email Address can be classified as an advanced alternative of, which gives you a pre-defined address like 10minutemail. But it also has a major advantage that it will update the tab title automatically whenever an email arrives at your temporary email address. Thus, you can work in different tab without having to worry about email ddress expiration or missing out.


Disposable E-mail Address


Disposable Email Address

Functionality wise is same as that of mailinator, all the email addresses are pre-created (e.g , but to access the emails you need to first visit , and then enter your selected text (e.g anything) to access the mailbox (e.g [email protected]).


Disposable E-mail Address


Disposable Email Address

More than an temporary email address service, Jetable can be described as an Anti-Spam solution and works in a unique way! .Some websites may blacklist temporary email addresses but in such cases Jetable can help you get out , what it does is it first verifies your original email address, and according to your choice it helps you create a temporary email address for a specific time frame (Upto 1 Month) and forwards all the mails coming to that temporary email address to your original email address. Thus, by limiting public access, as well as increasing the temporary email address lifespan it really does a goo job!. Not only that, the temporary address is permanently deleted after its lifespan so no one else can get ac access to it.So, these were the Top 7 Free Temporary / Disposable email address service providers , if you know any good of such services feel free to comment.


Disposable E-mail Address

Disposable Email Address

Yopmail is just another service like or an alternative to Mailinator, where your email address is already created. And the procedure too is pretty same , while signing-up use “anytexther[email protected]” , and later for accessing the emails you can use the same trick visiting . Yopmail is my personal favorite due to the fact it stores the emails for a much longer time as compared to other disposable email address provided.


Disposable E-mail Address

9 is a disposable e-mail address service. Every time you visit a new e-mail address is generated just for you. The generated e-mail address can immediately receive e-mail, and any e-mail that is received will show up on themain page. No one other than you will see the e-mail that is received.

There are many reasons for using a disposable e-mail. You may want to give someone an e-mail address without revealing your identity. Or you may want to sign up for a website or web service but you are concerned that the website will send you spam in the future.

It is important to note that when you restart your browser or your computer, the generated e-mail address will be gone and a new e-mail address will be generated upon visiting this website.


Disposable E-mail Address



Fake email address

Dead Address will instantly create a disposable email address that you can use when you need to verify registrations by email. After creating an instant email account you can check for new incoming messages by simply refreshing your dynamically created inbox page, and the best part is that the email address along with its associated messages will disappear forever once you delete it.

A temporary email account is perfect for anonymous registrations to forums and other interactive web applications. They are also useful for public usage instances such as library browsing whereby access to personal email accounts is not available or convenient.

No lengthy signup process and you need not provide any personal information at all. Your identity remains anonymous. Just click the button below to instantly create a new, anonymous email address.


Disposable E-mail Address

Disposable email address

MailCatch is an email service that allows you to create temporary disposable mailboxes, in a completly anonymous way. When you are asked for an email by a website and you do not want to give your (for fear of spam), you can simply give whatever mailbox name you want on the domain (like [email protected]). Then you come here, type in the mailbox name and check your mail. We get the spam, not you! The ultimate anti-spam service!

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