How to Unlock the Content Locked by Tweets and Likes

Access content that’s locked by Social Lockers :

Its very Annoying where you are pleased to Like,Tweet,Share to Unlock or Access the content you want.Here we came with a easiest trick that bypasses these and Automatically unlocks the content without liking or tweeting or sharing.It is very easy to with a Extension called LikePwner.It unlocks the hidden content of websites that ask you for like/share in order to see it.We do not need this extention often as we will not see those locked content always.By installing this extension and removing is up to you.

 locked Content by social locker

It will be very irritating where all our friends,colleagues which are in your friends list watch your shared link in the Facebook or is very embarrassing to us when your friends see your post that you have shared and started commenting in a way that is very disgraceful to us.We have Added 3 methods to unlock the locked content with an Extension and without an extention.Bypass the Social Lockers

Lockers Which States This Content is Locked” and ask for

Please support us, use one of the buttons below to unlock the content. can bypassed easily without any Plugin or Extension.

If the Download Links are Locked by Social Locker you can try these below 3 Methods to unlock those Locked Content.

How to Bypass the Social Content Lockers:

(Method 1)Unlock Locked Content Without Sharing or Liking:

This Method often Works all the time, Instead of downloading the extension try this method.The hidden content will be shown Automatically. It works perfectly when you click Tweet option and closing the Twitter Popup without signing in.

Simply Click on the Tweet Button a PopUp Comes.Close the Windows without Tweeting.It Works fro some type of lockers.The Content Automatically Shows.

If the content is not Shown Try Method2

(Method 2)Unlock the Locked Content By an Extention LikePwner:

LikePwner is a simple Chrome extension that allows you to see various content which is Locked or Hidden until you Like/Share it on Facebook, Twitter etc. The extensions currently supports the below lockers. Download Links are Locked by these stupid Lockers.
1. ONP Social Locker
2. Like Gate
3. Share Locker
4. YouTube Blocker
5. UI Social Locker
6. Share But
7. Social Block
8. Viral Locker

LikePwner Extension Locked Content

How to Unlock the Content with this Extension:

      1. Add the Extention LikPwnerLikePwner Extension Locked Content
      2. And JustSit back!!,Cuz its over
      3. Simply Click on the extension and it automatically Reveals the Hidden Content with out Liking,Sharing Or Tweeting.

The hidden content (video, image, text,Downloads or a combination of them) will be displayed in a pop-up.

(Method3)Access the Locked Content by viewing its Source:

You should have some idea before doing this,Its not a Big Deal. Simply Follow the steps carefully and youll access the content without adding any extension.

      1. Copy the last words of the content you are seeing(Above the Locker)
      2. Right Click thePage and Click ViewSource
      3. In Source Page Type the command “Ctrl+F”
      4. Paste the Copied Word in it
      5. The Locked Content will be in between this code [Social Locker]…..[/Social Locker]
      6. Or the Content below the searched one is one which is Hidden

If you don not understand the content,We strongly Recommend you to goto Method2.It is very simple.

In this way you can actually Bypass the social content Lockers without compromising the likes and tweets.


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