How to Add “Continue Reading” (or) “Read More” in wordpress Post Excerpts

It is very Important to give a friendly User Interface for your users. Though WordPress is very easy to use,but it is not that much easy to use at our comfort.We can edit many things through coding even. A “read More” link in the post excerpts gives the user easy to access the post and we should also use it better seo purposes.

Here in this article we are showing How to add a “Continue Reading” (or) “Read More” link to the post excerpts Automatically for each post

Read more in post excerpts

Follow the Steps Below To Add a Continue Reading (or) Read More in WordPress Post Excerpts:

  • Login to your Admin Panel
  • GoTo Functions.php File in the WordPress > Appearance > Editor
  • Copy the Below code, if you are not able to copy Click Here

  • Then paste the code in your Functions.php File.

With default we are adding a “Continue Reading”,but you can change the name at your convenience to “Read More” by editing the code.By doing so, you are about to Remove the default display […] in the wordpress post excerpts and Overwrite with these.

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