Top 5 Trusted Highest Paying URL Shortner Websites to Earn Money

Highest Paying Url Shorteners Websites

Shorten your links promote them, and earn money! Yes, you heard that right. These are the URL Shortener that pays daily by sharing them on facebook and blogs.There are so many websites listed below(top) which pay’s you handsome money when you shortened links and boost traffic to it.We can use the shortened URL’s in many places in the internet.we can use this links by sharing in our social accounts like Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest and many other. If you do have blogs or websites you own,you can also use it thereby converting the external (or) outbound links (Download links, Info links, Music Sharing links) into Paid URL shortening links gives you a huge money without you doing anything.

Best Paying URL Shortener 2016

Don’t worry whether they pay are not. We at scoopbuzz providing the Top 5 highest and trusted paid URL shortening websites with proof. All you have to focus on driving Traffic to the links from anywhere, However spamming is the violation of their service and may lead to ban the account. we do shared some tips and tricks below the post to get much traffic the shortened url’s.

How it Works ? (Guide to URL Shortener Sites)

How it works? Well, Every visitor you sent is counted and tracked with their high tracking system and pay’s you the same. so no need to worry your click and sessions.

Process of Paid URL Shorteners.

The minimum Payout is starting from as low as 5$ and can transfer to your Paypal account, Wire Transfer, Payzaa and more. So no matter which country you are from to url shortener pay. But the traffic from which country is mattered most as it depends on various factors. Focusing on the highest paid locations rewards you more. You can check the payout rate of the individual countries on their websites itself. Although all the payout of individual countries will be same. so it doesn’t necessary to check all of the websites of their payout’s.Check the List below of best Paying URL Shorteners.

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Top 5 Highest Paying URL Shortener Websites 2016:

#1 is best leading Paid URL Shortener site. It is easy to use with your blog if it is running on a WordPress or Blogger. There is plugin for wordpress users so that you can easily configure it.

  • Register on here.
  • Trusted and Highest Paid.
  • Highest Paying Url Shortener.
  • Hassle free by using their simple plugin in wordpress.
  • Minimum Payout is 5$ which we can easily.
  • Payout 10th of Every Month.
  • Payout through- Paypal, Payoneer, Webmoney Accepted.

#2 LinkBucks Media

Linkbucks also known as Linbucks Media are the same company which the main site is banned in india. So we use to access blocked site in india. However the shortened links are not banned in any we can easily use the linkbucks and using this since 2011 and it is a good and highest paying URL Shortener company.The best part is we can payout when ever we need if have reached at-least 10$

  • Register on here
  • Trusted, Highest and Oldest.
  • Highest paid URL Shortener.
  • Minimum Payout is 10$.
  • Payout when ever we need!.
  • Payout through – Paypal, Payoneer Accepted


Their user interface is  quite smooth and detailed information. we can contact them if we have any problems. Their customer support quite good and fast response. Linkshrinks is not old as and others, as it is established in 2014. but we dont need to worry as it a trusted company too.

  • Register on here.
  • Highest paying url shortener.
  • Minimum Payout is 5$.
  • Payout when ever we need!.
  • Payout on every 1st of every month.
  • Payout through – Paypal, Bitcoin, Payza.


The Biggest trusted company it is. is brand in the shorten paid urls. As is blocked in in india here is a trick to unblock any  website. so that you can access here. however the shortened links are not blocked so that you can promote them any where. it provides a different range of short domain to shorten your long links to earn money. minimum payout is 5$ and can paid through paypal.

  • Register on here.
  • Highest best paying url shortener.
  • Minimum Payout is 5$.
  • Payout on 1st of every month.
  • Payout through – Paypal, Payoneer, Payza.


Yet another paid shotren url company which is same as The user interface is same as and almost all are same.

  • Register on here.
  • Highest best paying url shortener.
  • Minimum Payout is 10$.
  • Payout on 18th of every month.
  • Payout through – Paypal, IBANN.

How to Get Started with Paid URL Shorteners:

  1. Go to the Awesome Service you find from the list below.
  2. SignUp to their service and agree to their terms and conditions.
  3. Verify your E-Mail and Go to the DashBoard of the respective URL Shortener Service you were chosen.
  4. Copy the Long Destination URL which you want to be monetized and Make it short URL on their website.Paid URL Shorteners.
  5. Now Copy the Shortened URL and paste it in which you gets the Traffic
  6. Now he will be seen an intermediate page 5 or 10 seconds and sent to their respective page.
  7. Voila! You get your money Credited in your service account.

Note:  Shorten the URL only after you logged in your account. Failing that your link is not tracked with your account and money will not be credited.

Here’s a Trick to earn More!

  1. Signup on any 2 websites listed above.
  2. Convert your long destination URL into short by going to 1st registered website.
  3. Copy the shortened URL which you got.
  4. Now goto the 2nd Registered website and place the short URL and make it short again.
  5. And now take the shortened URL which now lastly got and place the URL in which you want to publish.

This way we can earn twice money by those two websites. Please dont use more than two websites,as the user gets frustrated by seeing so many ads on their screen.Thank you for reading this post. We appreciate your comments and always here to help you if you have any doubts.


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