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What Actually a Bluestacks Briefly?

Bluestacks App Player is a Emulator which you can do your favorite Android stuff in PC itself. With Bluestacks and BsTweaker you can install WhatsApp,Clash of Clans,Mcent and many more Free Recharge apps also… You can also Install all the working apps of android in BS(bluestacks) and can Loot More on the best of you can.
The use of Bluestacks in these days are going much viral!! Because for every users enjoying Free Recharge apps like Mcent, Ladooo, Earn Talktime are doing very well in these Emulators too. Who don’t want the money for referring  Friends and earning 30 to 40 free Talktime. But for some extraordinary candidates, it is not enough and they are doing more than that with the great Bluestacks Tweaker Tool!! Don’t know what BsTweaker? BsTweaker is a tool which helps us to crack and modify the Bluestacks in a way that is suitable to us.

What is BsTweaker Tool?

BsTweaker is a great tool which is very useful to use any app Multiple Times in Bluestacks. Every App we install in our Smart Phone or any Emulator automatically takes the unique data of that Phone/Emulator which is used to identify that Unique Phone. So now, what is the BsTweaker Tool Does? BsTweaker tool changes the Unique data of that Phone.Download BsTweaker now

The Unique Data is GUID,Advertisement id,Android Id,Model no’s,Account ID’s.


Download BsTweaker Tool and Rooted Bluestacks.

In order to use BsTweaker version v 3.12 Tool Bluestacks needed to Rooted. Don’t know How to Root bluestacks? Dont worry!! To be Easy for our users we have Added a Rooted Bs File and you can Download that and you can use Tool with that.Download Bluestacks Tweaker and Rooted Bluestacks

How to use Bluestacks and Bs Tweaker Tool?

  1. Firstly, Download the above two file’s BsTweaker and Bluestacks from their Respective Download Links
  2. Open the Bluestacks File and Install the Rooted file.
  3. Now, After Registering in the Bluestaacks open the BsTweaker Tool.
  4. After opening the tool, you’ll see the options like
    Change GUID, Change AndroidID, Get ID, Change Google Advertisement IDBsTweaker Rooted Bluestacks Tool Download
  5. To use the Tweaker properly every app normally takes the above ID’s, So you can change that and use Tool.
  6. After doing this all stuff change back id’s to your original position.

CAUTION: Change the values only when are confident on that. Cos Randomizing all the values can Brick the Software (or) leads to software destruction. Download BsTweaker Tool below.

Download Rooted Bluestacks Here | Mirror

Download BsTweaker Tool

Yes, There are many more alternative’s to Bluestacks Emulator’s but Bluestacks does the performance very well compared to all those below alternatives.

Alternatives to Bluestacks:

What Next?? You can install the following Apps

  • Install WhatsApp on PC and Chat there itself.
  • Install Bounty App and Money For Roaming!!!(Not in Bluestacks).
  • Install your favorite games of apps and Enjoy Playing with keyboard and mouse.
  • Install Flipkart App and shop in the app for App only Offers

Having any Questions (or) Troubles? Do comment below!!!

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