How to Access Blocked Websites any Place (Easy Way)

Access the Sites That’s Blocked by your ISP’s

We get a lot of copyrighted content online for free which is a loss to the original marketers. To stop these activities Government  decided to block the WebSites that distribute copy-protected of music, software’s etc…. and not only the copyrighted content according to their country tradition and cultures they block sites.  For an Example Indian Government ordered ISP to block more than 800 porn sites. Japan has also blocked more than 200 pornography sites.However to Unblock Sites it easy by following the below methods.

With these sites government also blocked some useful sites like, , and many more sites…


In this Tutorial learn 3 simple ways How to access Blocked WebSites by ISP’s:

Accessing Blocked Websites is the trick that restricts your ISP Providers. Internet Service Providers are the one who stops us going to the websites that are restricted. They can monitor all our activities and can prevent going to websites that are listd by the Government.We have came with a cordial trick which it is very easy to Access the Blocked Websites. We have Added Three Simple Trick in which you can Access and Bypass the ISP Restrictions.

How to Accesss Blocked Websites

Make it Https instead Http to Unblock Sites (Works in some Scenarios)

Some Blocked WebSites can be accessed just by rewriting http to https. But this trick doesn’t work for all the Blocked Websites. This trick can only be helpful when that website is hosted from a VPN of Dedicated server Environment and which has a unverified SSL Certificate.Access Blocked Website with this below Trick.

  •  Go to the address bar
  • Instead of (or) try :

In Some Cases the Domain you are visiting may Certified with a Fake SSL.So, The Browser Prevents you to goto that Respective site. Click on Proceed Anyway to enter that Website. If you are visiting the site often, You can Add an Exception in the Firefox Setting and make sure the site is in WhiteList.

Using Proxy Sites (Unblock Proxies):

There are many proxy sites on the web hidemyass, proxysite, etc… Just type the URL you want to visit in the above shown sites.The Website will be opened in that site itself.

How to Access the Blocked Website’s With Proxy?

  1. Goto
  2. Select any Location. Recommended USA or UK for Fast Surfing.
  3. Select the Speed as Standard. Premium Costs 10$/M
  4. In the Next Section Choose Browse the Web and Click HideMyAss
  5. You will be taken to the Respective website now.Enjoy the Surf

Note: HideMyAss may not be safe for all the Time. Goto to the next Trick which you may need to Install the Extenstion

  • Browser Extensions (Best Trick): (Best Way To Access Blocked WebSite’s)

Browser Extensions For Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are very useful and easy. Just Download ZenMate best suitable for Mozilla and Hola VPN for Google Chrome. We Mostly Prefer Hola VPN. These can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

We Recommend you to Install the Hola Extension compare to Zenmate as it is very fast and reliable.

Click Here to Install the Hola Extension in Firefox

Click Here to Install the Hola Extension in Chrome

Once Installed,Nothing More to do.  Goto the Blocked website and now click the Hola Extension which you have installed in your Browser. It prompts to select Location. Choose USA for faster Surfing.

Watch Video to Know How To Access the Blocked Websites:


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